What acoustic curtain to choose?

Here are the uses and recommendations for each of the Insoudtex acoustic curtain models.

Acoustic curtain 15dB (Moderate insulation)

A step beyond low insulation, also indicated for residential use, even for offices and commercial premises that require extra insulation for situations of mild to moderate character.
Eliminating to a large extent those inconveniences of traffic of vehicles that do not suppose to suppose high levels of noise pollution, indicated to improve the comfort of habitability in the interior.

Cortinas para aislamiento acústico de 15db

Acoustic curtain 20dB (Medium insulation)

For a noise pollution coming from outside of medium level, caused by the traffic of vehicles and people. It is indicated for residential use, businesses, dance schools, offices, academies and hospitality, which suffer from a medium / high level noise pollution.

Also for those places that, due to their proximity to noisy areas, need to significantly improve insulation. Getting to eliminate the medium sound and significantly reducing the high level.

Cortinas para aislamiento acústico de 20db

Acoustic curtain 25dB (High insulation)

THE MOST SOLD. To eliminate noise pollution of high level, caused by the intense traffic of vehicles and very busy environments by the large agglomeration of people. It is indicated for residential use, business, dance schools, offices, academies, libraries and hospitality.
Also for discos, concert halls, conservatories and industrial sector that cause high level noise pollution abroad, preventing sound from transcending abroad.

Cortinas para aislamiento acústico de 30db

Acoustic curtain 30dB (Total insulation)

Eradicate the most extreme levels of noise pollution. Suitable for nightclubs, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, factories and metallurgical sector, TV dishes and recording studios, which need to eliminate the sound coming from outside, as well as prevent that caused by themselves, transcend abroad.
Insoudtex 30 is the only curtain in Europe capable of reaching isolation levels of up to 30 decibels, offering total isolation in the most extreme situations.

Cortinas para aislamiento acústico de 30db
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