Acoustic insulation curtain 15dB

The 15 decibel insulation curtain is indicated for use in homes. It can be used in all types of windows and doors.

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The 15 decibel curtain is indicated for use in homes. It can be used in all types of windows and doors.

15 decibels contributes to an improvement in acoustic insulation and conditioning, in those homes close to vehicular traffic and busy areas, which cause moderate level discomfort.

To find out what is the ideal measure of your curtain, consider adding to the size of the window or door, at least between 15 and 30 cm on each side, whenever possible. And for the height, always from the ground to where the bar is going to be placed, which should be a minimum between 15 and 30 cm above the door or window.

The garment is as shown in the photographs, using 40 mm metal pots of steel color.

Bar or guide
For the placement of this curtain, it is recommended that you use a metal bar between 20 and 30 mm in diameter, which you can purchase at any local establishment near you. Then send the bar next to your curtains, it could be a considerable cost. Since our factory is located in Spain, and the shipment of long packages would be a cost overroll for you.

Other properties
In addition to their acoustic insulation properties, these curtains are made of 100% high density natural fiber, so they also act as sound absorbing, so that they absorb the “eco” reverberation that could exist inside, creating a more pleasant environment and conditioning.
The curtain is approved and certified as a fire retardant M1-UNE-ISO 9001. Therefore, in case of fire, it extinguishes itself and does not spread the flame. Bringing a security bonus to the stay against possible fires.

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Other measures?
If you do not find the measure that suits your needs, do not worry. All our curtains can be made to measure. As well as the type of clothing, including special colors in velvet.

Contact us, and in less than 24 hours we will send you a quote and delivery times.

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